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Originally published on December 24, 2023


december 2023

        It was Christmastime. And the weather outside was, indeed, frightful.

        Fitting. Even by London's standards.

        Not only was it positively pouring outside, but the deluge currently plaguing the cobblestone streets of Cromwell was now turning frigid. Sleet struck down on panicked pedestrians seeking shelter from the storm.

        "Well, bloody hell," said Sebastian, tossing himself back against the bed of his Renaissance-style hotel room. "I picked a fine time to meet up and exchange gifts, didn't I?" He shot a guilty smile to his friend and former co-star, who was seated in an armchair in the opposite corner of the warmly-lit space.

        "It's not your fault, Bash." Kit offered him a kindly smile. "It wasn't forecasted to rain. Not like this anyway." He placed his phone on the little circular table beside him. "It's like it came outta nowhere. I just texted Mum. She says it's clear where they are, but likes your idea of hanging back until it lets up. She says hello, by the way."

        "Aw, she's so sweet. Tell her hi from me. But, I'm sorry, she says it's clear?" Bash sat up again, ruffling out his wet hair. "Because what is this then?" He gestured to the window, the dreadful sleet storm currently on display. "What, are we just under a pocket of it or something?"

        Kit shrugged. "Who knows? But it's all right, man. We're fine. And we're safe--Mum wanted to make sure. Good thing you found us this place, yeah?"

        Sebastian sighed. "Yeah. My family's stayed here a couple times, actually. It's quite nice."

        "It is! Though...did we really need such a fancy room for one night?" Kit looked up at the high ceilings, the elegant lamp hanging over the entryway.

        Bash chuckled. "Well, I figured we might as well wait things out in comfort."

        "Luxury more like."

        "Well, you know the saying--only the best for Bash," he said, facetiously referring to himself in the third-person. 

        Kit rolled his eyes. "My god, you're such a diva."

        "I don't deny that." Both boys laughed again, the sounds of their amusement lingering in the air before the room went soft and silent. "Wanna watch tele or something?" asked Bash.

        "Or I could dive into this new book you got me." Kit bent down and procured the red gift bag from under his chair. It had been resting beside his slush-tinged boots.

        "Did it survive the trip all right?" asked Bash. Both boys had been running through the pouring rain only minutes earlier. He watched his friend reach in and remove a brightly-colored paperback from between the crumbled sheets of tissue paper, which were adorned in candy canes.

        "I think so." Kit grinned, turning the book over a few times in his large hands. "Yours?"

        Sebastian looked down at the gift bag beneath the window. "Yeah, checked it when we got inside," he said. "Bit weird we each got each other books, innit?"

        Kit chuckled softly again. "Hey, don't forget those guitar picks I got you!"

        "Oh, I would never, darling," said Bash feigning offense. He held a tanned hand to his jumper-clad chest. "Are you kidding, mate? They're brilliant!"

        Kit's expression softened before his brown eyes fell to the cover of the book in his hands again.


"I'm excited to read this. Sounds quite good from what you've told me."

        "Oh, it's a wonderful read," said Bash. He leaned forward and rested his forearms on his knees. "And I can't wait for you to dive into it, but..." He shot his friend a playful look. "I'm really not in the mood to just sit here and watch you read." He shot him a cheeky grin.

        Kit laughed. "Well, what do you propose we do then?"

        "I said we can put on the tele!"

        "Well, I'm not in the mood to watch tele."

        "Boo, Kit Connor, boo." Bash flashed him two thumbs down. "You're bloody boring."

        "You could read," said Kit, standing from his chair and making his way over to the bed.

        "Says the bloke who only just started getting into reading." Sebastian arched an eyebrow.

        "Whatever. Joe really recommended that book I got you. Did you see the movie?"

        Sebastian's jaw dropped. "Are you asking me if I watched Red, White & Royal Blue?" This time, he was actually offended. 

        Kit's pale cheeks skewed pink as he sat himself down beside Bash. He smirked and shrugged. "I guess? Maybe?"

        "You think I'd pass up the chance to watch Taylor Zakar Perez and Nicholas Galitzine make out? It's like you don't even know me." Bash reached over and poked his friend in the side, his index finger merely losing itself in the layers of Kit's rain jacket and jumper. Still, the gesture made the boy squirm away from his touch and chuckle.

        "Yeah, I clearly know nothing about you."

        Sebastian laughed. "Oh! We could watch that!"

        Kit furrowed his brow. "Watch what?"

        "Red, White & Royal Blue."

        Kit dropped his head. "You really want to watch tele, don't you?"

        "Look, let's just get ourselves a bit more cozy, shall we? Then we can decide. Might as well settle in a bit." Bash jumped to his feet with a dramatic flourish and began removing the heavier articles of clothing from around his skinny frame. He shook away his jacket before tossing it over Kit's head.

        "Hey!" came his friend's muffled reply.

        Sebastian ignored him. He pulled the grey beanie from the dark waves of his damp hair. Upon sitting back down, he bent forward and began to unlace his boots. Partway through toeing off his first shoe, he turned back to Kit, who had remained sitting still beside him, the jacket still covering his face. "C'mon, lad," he said. "Get yourself undressed."

        "Undressed?" Kit chuckled and pulled the jacket from his head, which left his strawberry-blond hair in shambles, sticking up in all directions. 

        "Yeah. Take it off," Bash joked.

        Kit shook his head. "I'm sure a few people saw us come into this hotel together. This is how rumors start, you know." Kit started to shrug his jacket off as well.

        Sebastian rolled his eyes. "And what's wrong in that? Let 'em talk."

        Kit considered this a moment before smirking again. "Yeah, you're right. Who really cares anymore?" He'd really been burnt out on the public saying things about him--that was an understatement to say the least.

        "There's a good lad," said Bash with a wink. He patted Kit on the knee and gave it an affectionate squeeze. "Now, c'mon then. Let's settle in."

        "I'm settling, I'm settling," said Kit as he started to unlace his own boots.

        "And then," announced Bash, his held up high so that his hair fell back, his sharp jawline sticking out proudly, "we watch a movie."

- - - - - - - - - -

Untitled video (5).gif

        "I wonder how similar this is to the book," said Sebastian from beside Kit. He paused the film and turned to his friend. Both boys were now lying together atop the covers of the hotel room's enormous bed. The radiator had been turned up at the window, the sleet still falling in heavy sheets outside. Daylight had long since fled under the veil of night, but the street remained aglow with the resilient lights of London, which shimmered brightly beneath the rainfall.

        "I hear it's quite different actually." Kit uncrossed his arms and turned to Bash. He couldn't help but notice that he and his friend were now very nearly mirroring the positions of the boys onscreen. "I'm telling you, you need to read it."

        "I will let you know as soon as I do. Might dive into it tonight before bed."

        This seemed to satisfy Kit, who shifted onto his back again, this time resting his head of hair in his palms, his armpits exposed, the navy fabric of his jumper pulling taut around his built chest. He crossed his legs, adorned in soft black trousers, and wiggled his feet, which were both wrapped in grey knit socks.

        "I'm really glad filming wrapped up well," Sebastian said, feeling the impulse to bring up the subject of Heartstopper again. The two of them had pretty much caught up on everything over coffee at the café earlier that afternoon--their families, friends, new projects--but of course the subject of their shared experience, above all else, lingered on his mind.

        Kit's brow furrowed. "What?"

        "Heartstopper, mate. I can't wait to watch the new season. Been hearing a lot of great things. Joe's told me some. It's taken me literally everything not to tell anyone else. I know Alice wants it kept under wraps."

        Kit smiled. "Yeah, she's been pretty clear about that."

        "Just rewatched Season Two a couple of weeks ago."

        "Did you?"

        "God, that last scene with you and Joe... you know, when Nick asks Char about the bullying... You guys killed that one, mate. I'm gettin' teary-eyed just thinkin' about it." 

        Kit flashed his signature soft smirk. "Thanks, Bash."

        Sebastian nodded. "Damn, I'm not gonna lie--I miss being on set with you guys."

        "We missed having you there this season. Wasn't the same without you."

        "You know, we could watch that instead," Bash suggested with a smirk.

        "God, you're just going to log in to all of your streaming accounts on a public tele?" Kit chuckled.

        "It's not like I won't sign out afterwards!"

        "What about finishing this though?" Kit pointed to the still frame from Red, White & Royal Blue, which was still glowing on the screen mounted to the wall across from them.

        "Oh yeah, true. Hmm." Sebastian's mouth twisted up, his long nose scrunching up a bit as he pondered his options. "Well, it really comes down to who I want to see make out more now, doesn't it? Taylor and Nick"--he pointed to the television--"or you and Joe."

        Kit's cheeks flushed. He snorted and shook his head at his friend's sheer ridiculousness. "Or, you know, we could crack open our books."

        Bash laughed. "And miss out on some hot lovemaking?"

        "Lovemaking?!" Kit laughed too. "Bash, stop!"

        "Well, the lovemaking in Red, White & Royal Blue is hotyour scenes are much more...cute." He reached over and poked Kit in the side again, which was now protected by a much thinner layer of clothing as opposed to before. His long, ring-glad fingers made contact with the firm muscles of Kit's stomach, and the younger boy immediately pulled his arms down and giggled.

        "Quit that!" he said.

        The sight of his friend's reaction sparked in Sebastian's mind something that had remained latent until that very moment. "You know, speaking of your scenes with Joe, right," he said, "I noticed something kinda funny."

        Kit was still grinning, and he was still semi-frozen in a defensive position. "What's that?" he asked.

       "Every time you two would cuddle or play fight or whatever, you'd always wind up tickling him." Sebastian was grinning ear to ear, his tone bordering on mischievous.

        Kit's eyes widened, but his smile remained. "Really?"

        "Yeah!" Bash's response crackled on a single syllable of amusement. "The both of you, you'd start tickling each other."

        "Oh. Well," Kit said, pink flooding his face a third time that evening, "we were just told to be playful, you know? And we improvised. Joe's very ticklish."

        This was a fact with which Sebastian was familiar. "True," he said, though his eyes were still set on Kit, their glint shining more intensely than before. "Who's more ticklish though? You or Joe?"

        "Oh, definitely Joe." The tone of Kit's response relayed that he was growing a little nervous, and for good reason.

        "Care to wager on that?"

        "Not really," Kit stammered, his innocent eyes going wider still, and his smile lessening now. His response, however, didn't seem to matter. 

        "Let's see." Sebastian pounced with the quickness of a feline. His hands dove into Kit's left side again, this time all ten fingers at the ready. 

        "Nohohoho! Bash! Noho!" Kit exploded into a fit of panicked giggles and turned away from his attacker.

        "What's wrong there, mate?" Sebastian's mouth fell open and he stuck his tongue out with devilish delight. He shifted forward as Kit rolled away, following his friend closer to the edge of the bed. His fingers were fast and struck down at random, wriggling and leaping all along the cotton-clad expanse of Kit's sensitive side, from his hip to his underarm.

        "Dohohon't!" Kit yelped. His giggles were deep and hearty, much like his voice.

        "Why not?" said Bash.

        "Get off!" Kit flipped onto his front, his arms tight against his sides, his laughs and protests now muffled by the mattress.

        "Oh, no you don't!" Bash clambered up onto his friend's back, sitting himself on Kit's butt, which, like the rest of his body, was shapely and firm. Despite the younger lad's defensive stance, Sebastian's determined digits found their way into the seams of Kit's armpits, which were just barely exposed. The exploration of these new sensitive spots resulted in Kit yelling out and arching his back. He raised his face from the mattress and shouted.

        "Oi!! Bahahash! Nohohoho! Ahhhhahahaha!" He made an effort to push himself up from the bed and throw Sebastian free, but this, for some reason, required him to bring his arms upward, which provided Sebastian the perfect opportunity to dig his fingers even deeper into Kit's armpits. His friend's reaction intensified, his deep, rich laughter ringing out throughout the hotel room. "AHHHHHHAHAHAHAHA! NOHOHOHOHOHOHAHAHA!"

        "I don't think Joe's this ticklish," Sebastian teased. "I think of the two of you, you're worse, mate." He paused his fingers in place for a moment, allowing Kit to catch his breath.

        "O-oh god," Kit said. His whole body was still tense. Bash hadn't removed his fingers from his armpits; he'd merely stopped their wiggling. Their presence was still enough to send shivers of anxiety crackling throughout his nervous system, frantic signals jolting from Kit's underarms down into the pit of his stomach. "Bash, please," he muttered.

        "Please what?" Sebastian wiggled his fingers once.


        "OI! HAHA!" Kit let out a single loud laugh and used his strong biceps to pinch Sebastian's nimble fingers against the sides of his pecs. "Noho!"

        Sebastian couldn't help himself--he started laughing. He found his friend's predicament quite amusing. He watched as Kit struggled to turn his head and meet his eye, which was quite impossible from this angle. Bash merely stared into the back of Kit's messy, nearly ginger-colored hair. "C'mon, mate," he said. "Admit it."

        "Bash..." Kit warned.

        "You're obviously more ticklish than Joe. Look at you, you're a mess!" He wiggled his fingers again. Just once. They were starting to feel a little sore from the tightness around them. Still, their subtle movement was just enough.


        "NOHO!" Kit yelped again, as the sensations overwhelmed his brain and ricocheted around his stomach.

        "No, you're not?" Bash asked. He started to slide his hands out of Kit's armpits and down to his more exposed sides.

        "No, you neeheeheed to st-stawhahap!" Kit managed to say through another forced fit of giggles. Sebastian could feel the weight of his friend's burly body twisting beneath him.

        "How's about you tell me you're the most ticklish, and I'll stop."

        "Fine, I'm the most ticklish," said Kit quickly, his deep voice vibrating into the bed.

        Sebastian chuckled. He wasn't expecting such a quick concession. "See? Wasn't that hard now, was it?"

        "Get off, you prick," Kit said, though there was still a lightness in his voice.

        "Oh, a prick am I?" Sebastian's hands dropped even lower to Kit's waist. The hem of his jumper was already riding up his torso as a result of his frantic shaking. It was practically an invitation. He slipped his hands beneath the soft, textured fabric and dug up into Kit's bare sides, his fingers curling down and around his friend's solid abdominals. Kit's skin was smooth and warm.

        "Eeeeeehahahaha!" Kit cried out, bucking and writhing with more intensity than before. "That's cold, man! Aiiieeee! Hahaha!" His panicked sounds oscillated between high-pitched cracks of discomfort and deep belly laughs. "Get awwwhawhawff!!"

        "A prick, huh?" said Sebastian again, an evil, delighted grin on his face. "A prick?"

        Kit was too overwhelmed with laughter to respond, and Bash enjoyed the feeling of his friend's frantic writhing beneath his fingertips, the hairless flesh, the tensing muscles along his sensitive sides. As his hands climbed higher beneath Kit's jumper, so too did the pitch in Kit's laughter. But then Bash's devilish digits found their way into Kit's armpits again, this time experiencing the softness of his skin, the fuzziness of his underarm hair between his fingertips, and the response was on another level.

          "Ohhhhohohonohohoho! Bahahahahash!" Kit squealed and spluttered, devolving into nothing more than a chaotic, giggling schoolboy. He twisted to the right with immense force and because Bash's arms were caught beneath his jumper, he was finally thrown off balance. He fell to the side, hands sliding out from under Kit's clothing. "Ohhhh.... ohoho god..." said Kit between bouts of recovering breaths. "That was absolutely aw- awful."

        Sebastian was breathing almost as heavily as Kit was, just from the sheer excitement and physical rigor of it all. It had been a workout trying to keep his much-stronger friend beneath his tormenting tickler's touch. "You know, I get it now," he said.

        "Get what?" asked Kit as he turned onto his back and scooted himself back against the headboard, drawing his legs up to his torso. He immediately crossed his arms tightly against his chest as if to still defend himself from his friend's phantom fingers, the sensations of which were still lingering in his armpits. His wavy hair was sticking up every which way, and his normally pale face was nearly red.

        "Get why you guys tickle each other so much. It's fun." Sebastian had not intended this as an invitation. Not one bit. In hindsight, he could totally see how he had set himself up for the torment that awaited him.

        "Oh, it's fun, is it?" asked Kit, arching an eyebrow.

        The room went silent as Bash locked eyes with Kit. One second. That's all it took. Bash bolted up and off the bed, or rather, he made to bolt up and off the bed. But Kit was faster. Just barely. The younger, but larger, lad tackled his smaller friend and pinned him onto his back against the bed.

        Sebastian knew how much trouble he was in. There was a look of sheer, mischievous vengeance in Kit's normally soft, sensitive eyes--it was the same look he'd seen on Nick Nelson's face during the tickle fights he'd have with Charlie on Heartstopper.

        "Kit, wait," he said, trying to prevent the inevitable. His plea was already shaky with anticipatory laughter. "Let's be civil about this."

        "Oh, I'm being quite civil. It's only polite that we see how you like it," Kit said, surveying his prey. Bash was wearing a dark blue cotton jumper and black trousers. Both items of clothing were quite flattering as they hugged his slender frame.

        "I'm sorry," Sebastian said quickly, and he hated himself for the grin currently plastering his tanned face.

        "Sorry's not going to cut it, mate," said Kit. He lowered his hands, but Sebastian reached up and deflected the tickle attack, snatching at his friend's wrist before his strike was successful.

        "N-no!" Bash begged, his voice cracking as he tried with all of his might to keep Kit's hands at bay. "I'!" His words broke apart as he struggled to maintain his strength against Kit's.

        Kit advanced onto Sebastian's body. Rather than straddling his friend, he leaned gently onto his stomach, his sights set on Bash's chest and armpits. "How ticklish are you, Bash?" he said, trying his best to find an opening. Every time he attempt to strike, Bash would block him, flailing his arms about recklessly alongside desperate, protesting giggles. After a few seconds of this, Kit decided to change tactics. "Oh, for goodness sake," he said, struck down on Bash's waist instead. 

        "OHHHHhhhhhh shiiihiiihiiiihiit!" screamed Sebastian, tossing his head back and howling with laughter. He instinctively brought his hands down to his hips, and Kit simply responded by leaping up to Bash's chest instead. 

        "Does that tickle, Bash?" said Kit proudly, watching his friend devolve into a squealing, squirming mess. Bash's smile was bright, his mouth a gaping maw of panicked laughter. His eyes were closed tight, and his long nose was scrunching up just like before.

        "Yeeeeehhhhhhsssssss! St-st-stawwhahawhawp!" Sebastian begged, as Kit's thick fingers dove behind his friend's arms and up into his shallow armpits. This move elicited a frantic scream from the poor lad.

        Kit laughed nervously, afraid that the volume would draw attention from beyond the walls of their room. "My god, Bash. You're even more ticklish than I am!" 

        "Noho I'm nahahaht!"

        "You're not?" Kit said in a taunting tone. He scribbled his fingers all over Sebastian's chest, then into his soft, flat stomach. "Could have fooled me." 

        Bash tried to buck forward, but in lifting himself off of the mattress, Kit dove his hands back into his sides. Sebastian screamed and hollered and kicked. "NOHOHOHO! AAAAGGGGGGHHH! I'M--! I'M--!!!! AHHHAHAHA! STAWHAWP TAKING THE PIHIHIHIHISSSSS!"

        "I'm not," Kit said with a matter-of-fact tone, a smugness gathering around his sparkling eyes. "You said this was fun." He brought his hands back down to Bash's waist and started to weave his own fingers beneath the hem of his friend's top. "What about if I go under here?"


        "Why not?" Kit's fingers inched their way forward. "You did it to me."

        "B-buhuhut that was because you s-said I was a prick."

        "And what am I?" Kit asked, now feeling Bash's soft stomach beneath his fingertips. His mate immediately tried to curl forward, his abdominal muscles tensing up. 

        "The b-best person ever."

        "Oh, is that so?" Kit laughed and, despite Bash's pleas and struck down on his waist again, this time his thumbs kneading into his bare flesh.

       Sebastian screamed again, one wild, desperate "Aieeeeeheeeeeheeehahahahahahaha!!!" and despite his face twisting up in unfettered glee, Kit didn't have the heart to continue. His friend was surely on the verge of madness, he thought. With a knowing smirk, he stopped his tickle attack, allowed his friend to catch his breath, and gave him a few rough pats on the chest. "Oh my god," said Bash after a long moment. Again, the otherwise quiet room was filled with the sounds of both boys' heavy breathing. "Oh...f-fu... bloody...."

        Kit innocently returned to his original position on the bed, his legs back out in front of him, his strong arms crossed. He watched with amusement as Sebastian slowly but surely regained his stamina, transforming from the puddle of laughter and nerves he'd become only moments before. "You all right, mate?" he asked.

        "F-fine," said Bash breathlessly.

        "I've never heard you scream like that before." Kit chuckled.

        "I didn't scream."

        Kit looked around. "Um. Yes, mate. It was a scream. You...screamed. And you are, very clearly, more ticklish than any of us."

        Sebastian tilted his chin up proudly. "Am not."

        Kit raised a brow again. "Are you serious? Do you want me to put you through that again?"

        "Fair enough," Bash said, holding up his hands as if to signal defeat. He sat up and crossed his legs, positioned near the foot of the bed. As he ran his fingers through his wavy hair a few times, he allowed his grey-green eyes to wander along the length of Kit's tall body, from his broad chest down to his wide, socked feet, and this is where they stopped. "But, you know we really can't say for certain who's the most ticklish until we try every spot, right? It wouldn't be fair."

        "" This was when Kit realized that his friend was eyeing his feet. 

        "You ticklish down here?" Bash asked. He dove onto Kit's legs before his friend could draw up his knees again, wrapping himself around his shins while his own lanky legs were left jutting out across the bed, his feet resting near the headboard. 

        "I don't--" Kit stopped speaking, surprised at the quickness of Bash's hands in removing his wool-knit socks. "Bash! Don't! C'mon, man. Not again!"

        From the confines of the gray fabric, Sebastian freed Kit's large feet. Pale, broad. The balls of his feet were quite wide. His toes were long, but longer still were his big toes and second toes. Just like the rest of him, the undersides of his feet were very white. The skin even at his heels was very pale and looked very smooth. 

        "Bash! Stop that!" Kit said, trying to pull his ankles out from under his friend. "Get off!"

        "Why?" Sebastian turned around and met his friend's concerned face with a look pure, devilish delight. "You scared of what I'm gonna do to ya?"

        Kit rolled his eyes. "No..." He nervously brushed the top of his left foot against the ball of his right, then vice versa, and he curled his toes a few times in anticipation of what was about to happen. He couldn't remember the last time someone had tickled his feet, but he did remember them being quite sensitive as a boy. "I just don't want you touching my feet, man." 

        "Hmm, I wonder why," Sebastian said. The smugness in his tone, and on his face, however, was fleeting--suddenly, without warning, he felt his own ankles being wrapped in his friend's strong grip on the other end of the bed. "Wait, what are you--?!"

        The boys' locked eyes again, each now with the feet of the other in their grasp.

        Kit smirked.

        Bash sneered with a stubborn determination.

        This would be a true test of endurance--Kit near the headboard, with Bash's still-socked feet at his disposal; Bash near the foot of the bed, with Kit's pale, bare soles also prepared to endure a vigorous tickling of their own. "Are we really doing this?" Bash asked, his voice tinged with determination and the sheer hilarity of it all.

       "You said." Kit shrugged. "For the win?" He finally took a moment to remove Sebastian's socks, which were also wool, but red in color. In peeling away the soft fabric, Kit revealed Bash's even softer soles. His tanned feet were nearly perfect. His toes were also long, but curved with precision from largest to smallest; his nails were clean and trimmed, the flesh of their undersides pink and smooth and supple. They just looked ticklish and this gave Kit the confidence he needed.

        "Whoever gives first?" Bash asked, wriggling his tender toes in anticipation. Now bare, his feet suddenly felt cold, and he could feel the perspiration on his skin a little more acutely than before. 

        "Whoever gives first," Kit said in affirmation.

        "Three." Bash arched his fingers, and curled his toes.

        "Two." Kit did the same, closing one eye nervously, mouth twisting up.

        "One!" Bash touched down on Kit's large feet, and he felt Kit touch down on his.

        Bam! / Bam!

        "Ohhhhhhhh....." Kit said at once, feeling the jolts of sheer ticklishness gather at his insteps. Bash's fingers were dexterous and agile, and his polished nails crackled down across the soft, smooth flesh that ran along the insides of his feet with a strange, biting accuracy that was also chaotic and unpredictable.

        Chaotic control.

        That's what this was.

         "Eeeeeep!" hissed Bash, who, despite his tickling technique--feral fingers doing their best to explore the large expanses of Kit's feet--was struggling to ignore the horribly ticklish sensation nibbling away at the bottoms of his own feet.

        Kit didn't quite know what he was doing, but it didn't matter. His squared off nails managed to creep into the spaces just beneath Bash's bubby toes. The skin here was unmarred, silky, and golden-hued. He squeezed his eyes shut harder as he fought against the urge to laugh that was welling in his own stomach, now relying solely on touch to navigate the wrinkly, shifting maps of Bash's feet.

        "K-Kit!" Bash said, grinning madly. Concentrate on tickling Kit. Concentrate on t-tickling KiiiIititttit...Oohhohtnooho.....

        "B-Bash." Kit's mouth opened, his lips peeling back, his bright teeth flashing into a pained grin. His nostrils flared as he felt Bash run his fingers up beneath his angular toes. The sensation was unbearable. He's not gonna win... He's nnoooohawhawt....gonna wiiInnni Noot---goonnna---aacckathttpphhppp!!! 

        Sebastian: Ooooohhh....oooh noo..... The sensations were ballooning in his gut now, his chest. His cheeks puffed out, trying to hold in the laughter that was building in his throat.

        Kit: I c-can't taaAAAAkkkeeee iiiIIIIiitttttTTTT! He threw his head back against the headboard, his face scrunching up so tightly, it was was almost painful.


        Bash was the first to break.

        He had only intended to open his mouth to take in a lungful of air, but in doing so, the dam burst forth. "Aahheheeeeheeeeheeehahahaha!" The sounds gushed forward from him in a torrent of heavy giggles. "Nooooohohohohohohohoheeheeheehee."

        Hearing Sebastian laugh was all the permission Kit needed to release his own laughter. The sounds of his rich, deep snickering plight returned to the hotel room. He opened his mouth and spluttered and laughed and shook his head back and forth. His feet started to rhythmically dodge Bash's fingers, brushing up against one another, but it was no good. "G-giiihiihiive up!" he demanded.

        "N-nohoho! Nohawhawt befohorhore youhoohoo!" Sebastian said, scrunching up his own feet, the balls of which were wrinkling up and going white, their tan complexion fleeing under the clumsy skittery touch of Kit's tickling fingers.

        "Nohoho!" Kit shouted, as he ran his fingers down to Bash's soft, narrow heels. His first "no" was in protest; his second "no" came in the form of panic as Sebastian's fingers found their way into the skin just under his big toes--"NO! NOHO! Not the toes!" he shouted.

        "N-not the t-toes, e-h? Heheh." Bash, still overcome with helpless giggles, decided to focus his attention on the one spot over which Kit had explicitly objected. Still, he felt so helpless as his own sensitive feet were being tickled and tickled...

        ...and tickled...

        ....while he tickled...

        "G-get awwhawwhoff!" Kit begged through an onslaught of hisses and snickers.

        "N-nohoho!" Bash managed to say. "Getting r-right heeheere!" he said with a sheer determination. "Riihiihight--- NO! Oh god, give up! K-Kit! Heehee! Acck! Haha!" He threw his head back and laughed and laughed and hit a particularly ticklish spot along his left arch.

        "Youhoohoo give up!"

        "No!" Bash said. "Y---youhoohoo!"

        "No!" Kit protested. "I t-told you--! Not...the...TOES!"

        Sebastian continued to act in defiance. He dug his five fingers of his left hand beneath the five toes of Kit's left foot; with his right hand, he dug under the toes of Kit's right foot, and with a burst of silly, triumphant glee--which, in part, was a result of a reckless, overwhelming and helpless response to the maddening tickles on his own feet--he shouted, "Tickling right under these mistletoes!"

        "M-mistletohohohoes?!" Kit screeched with a surprised laugh. "Ohhoohohoho! B-Bahahash! Stop! Okayhayhayhay!" Desperate, he intensified the tickling on Bash's soft soles. They were a little sweaty and supple, like dough.

        Bash threw his head back and howled with forced glee, but he kept up his own fight. On the verge of losing it himself, he threaded his bony fingers between all of Kit's toes before returning his polished nails to the pasty, smooth flesh that ran beneath them.

        Finally--finally--Kit broke.

        "You wihihin! AIEEE! YOU WIN!" The younger lad yelped and rhe eleased his hold around his friend's ankles, throwing Bash's legs back onto the bed. "STOP! I'm the most ticklish! I'mthemostticklish! IamIam!" His words mashed into the sounds of his laughter, creating one long string of desperate, delightful music.

        Music to Bash's ears. 

        "YESSSSSSSS!" The older boy was so grateful for the cessation of the intense sensations on his own soles that he didn't take any moment to relish in his victory. At least not right away. Instead, he pulled his legs up towards his torso, released Kit's ankles, and rolled off of the mattress with a dramatic grunt -- "Uuuuuuuuugggggggh" -- sliding slowly onto the carpeted floor below.

        For several long seconds, the boys simply listened to the sounds of their heavy breathing and the pitter-patter of the softening rains outside. Bash remained staring at the ceiling, silly grin plastered on his face. Kit was also staring at the ceiling, face flushed, head tilted back.

        After what seemed like a lifetime, he spoke: "Mistletoes....?" His voice sounded rugged and tired and just a little perturbed. "Really?"

        Sebastian started to chuckle. "I don't know, mate. You were driving me crazy.'s Christmastime. Mad sense in the moment."

        "None of what we just did makes any sense." Kit chuckled too. "I mean, why did we just do that?"

        Bash sighed. "Proved who the most ticklish of us is." He said it as if it were an obvious, everyday thing. "I can't wait to tell Joe."

        Kit ran his fingers through his hair and shook his head. "We're a little...daft, aren't we?" He looked down at Bash, who was looking up at him. His hair was splayed out along the floor. He still had one leg up on the bed. 

        "Daft? Nah." Sebastian shook his head. "I say we're fun."

        "Says you." 

        "Says me." Another long bout of silence. Several beats of rainfall, the occasional chuckle, and slowing breaths, slowing heartbeats. Then, Bash said, "Remember what you said earlier? About rumors getting started?"

        Kit smiled. "Yeah."

        "Imagine what they would say if they actually knew what we were doing in here."

        "What, watching movies and tickling the living hell out of each other?" said Kit.

        Bash grinned. "Exactly."

- - - - - - - - - -

        Later that night, the boys, still barefoot, were back in their bed beside one another.

        They'd finished watching Red, White & Royal Blue. 

        The rains had finally stopped. They would each be returning home in the morning.

        Their books in hand, the two friends dove into the first chapters of the Christmas gifts they'd received from one another. And, every now and then--since they decided to position themselves head-to-toe--and just for the fun of it, Kit would reach over and run a finger up the bottom of Bash's feet and Bash, on occasion, would do the same.

        And every time Kit would tickle his friend or feel the tickling fingers of his friend upon his own feet, he'd laugh and run his feet together, and he'd reflect on Sebastian's comment from earlier--imagine what they would say if they actually knew what we were doing in here--and, with his signature smirk, he muttered softly to himself, "Imagine indeed."


Author's notes: 

I absolutely love Heartstopper, and Kit Connor and Sebastian Croft have been subjects of interest for me ever since I first started watching the show. Kit is so kind and innocent and Sebastian (or "Bash" as his friends call him) is so playful and sassy. Their personalities pair up quite nicely for a tickle fic, do they not? Because of the playful spirit of their dynamic, I felt that a Christmas-themed fic would fit nicely as a backdrop to the tickling escapades that these two friends would experience in this story! Hope you enjoyed and found it fitting as well!


Happy Holidays! With love, LG.


Last updated: December 25, 2023. 


Though this story features actual persons and references actual events, it is entirely a work of fiction and is in no way affiliated with, or endorsed by, those individuals. It is written solely for the purposes of entertainment and should not be taken seriously.


"The structure. The set up. The dialogue. The descriptions. YES! YES! YES! Yall this is goooooood!!! [LittleGargalite's] casually dropping peak." @californiatickler

"That was an amazing read, it all seemed like something that could def happen irl. I also loved that Kit was more ticklish...hopefully Joe joins eventually!" @_tek__

"I loved your story so much...It was well written, the relationship between Kit and Bash is so sweet and matey it's awesome. I love how they enjoyed the tickling, they just couldn't take it. Makes me wonder how they would handle a more intense situation. Nice work...definitely a good Christmas story!" @son__of_magic

"Loved this! It was so cute, and hilarious how Kit and Bash decided to tickle each other competitively." @jakenayna150

"I absolutely loved this! Your range is superb. One minute you're releasing something sensual and intimate in the form of '27 November,' the next minute you're releasing something that is also sensual and intimate but in an entirely different way - two friends having fun. The way you blend tickling into relationships and friendships feels so realistic! Thank you once again for creating another memorable piece of fiction!" @famous&ticklish

"[This] story was a lot of fun and you picked a great pair of cuties for it too." @boytickler35

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